Freelance executioners, listen up!

A recent review for The Valley of Heaven and Hell was posted  by the very kind reviewer. You can read the whole splendiferous article here:

What struck one reader was the advertisement that appears at the head of the review for guillotines, new or used.

So I started thinking, all we need is the reintroduction of capital punishment (yes, I am in favour in certain cases), and there could be a nice little opening for freelance executioners. Remember that the guillotine was designed by a doctor as a humane method of execution, so no qualms about using it when called upon.

Just an idea. 😉


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2 thoughts on “Freelance executioners, listen up!

  1. Line up la chasse and I’m on my way…
    Don’t worry about changing the law, I’ll do that when I’ve worked my way through the Deputes and Senateurs – France has always been good at retroactive legislation…..

  2. Guillotines or not, it’s a darn good review! And rightly so.
    And speaking about beheading: I, too, would like to line up a few people, but wonder if beheading isn’t too kind a way to dispose of them.
    Please, keep me posted about the law, Fly.

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