Two weeks in another world

This is the 14th day in which we are living in a state of Internetlessness.

Notwithstanding the visit of one engineer to the house, two men with cherry-pickers, countless calls totalling nearly 7 hours to the helpline where four different people have been extraordinarily courteous, reports that the fault is variously with the exchange, the cables, the junction box outside our house, the fact that our house was a long way from the exchange, a missing/damaged disk and storm damage, and promises that the problem would be resolved on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, by tomorrow, after the weekend, within 48 hours, as soon as possible, no progress has been made.

Today despair set in when on yet another lengthy (22 minute) call to the helpline the girl asked how long our phone had not been working. I seemed unable to enable her to understand that while there was no problem with the telephone, the Internet had been down for 14 days. She kept asking when the phone line had gone wrong.

Now TOH has spoken to an expert, who said firstly that it was a battery at the exchange causing the problem, and later that it was something to do with a junction box; but that now we had already had three visits from engineers she would classify the situation as urgent. We should expect to have Internet connectivity restored tomorrow morning. As I am not at all convinced that they have any idea at all of what the problem is or where it lies, I am not optimistic.




6 thoughts on “Two weeks in another world

  1. How hideously familiar it all sounds….just wait until you get the technician who says it’s all the fault of your old wiring and starts pulling it off the walls before your very eyes…

    Mark you, we’ve just been out for three days here when the ‘phone company decided to upgrade its services as competition is on its way…sound familiar, at all?….and managed in so doing to disconfigure all the computers signed up on it.
    The delightful technician has just been round to us…as pensioners we rate just behind the emergency services, hospitals, doctors, and nursing homes…and put us back in contact with the world….and, enough to make us collapse after rural France…..he apologised!
    Crossing the fingers for you…

  2. This is the third Orange saga I’ve heard about this summer. I phoned Orange to set up an phone line and internet line on July 16. He is still waiting, although the internet started working and was then cut off today with a mail saying it would be in service in 5 days. I think Orange is imploding.

  3. I agree with the Fly: hideously familiar and so typical for
    It took me three months + ??? calls and visits from kind people who didn’t seem to know what the heck they were talking about, to finally get an Internet connection after we moved from the Aveyron to the Landes.
    I do sympathise with your situation, Susie and keep my ‘everythings’ crossed for tomorrow.

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