The Spanish Inquisition is alive and well

With sincere apologies to all those normal, civilised Spanish people who abhor the sadism of their fellow countrymen and the shame it brings to their country.

The Spanish Inquisition started in the late 15th Century. In Spain, of course.

It lasted for nearly four hundred years.

Probably the name best known in respect of the Inquisition is that kindly old monk, Torquemada.

Probably the two words most synonymous with the Spanish Inquisition are persecution and torture.

Victims were “questioned” in ingenious ways. Crushed, squashed, stretched, boiled, roasted, flayed, scraped, ripped, twisted, dangled …. there were many ways to make the last days of their life as excruciating, and their death as protracted, as possible.

You could say, I suppose, that the Spanish elevated torture to an art form.

Well, guess what? It’s still going on! Yes! Flourishing in the 21st century.

But the victims of this unspeakable barbarism are no longer Jews or those regarded as heretics. Now they are dogs.

Not vicious, powerful, aggressive dogs, but dogs with the gentle nature of Bambi, trusting, limpid eyed, obedient, wanting only to please.

These are the Spanish greyhounds, also known as Galgos, used by Spanish hunters known as galguerros. Abused by them. Ritually tortured by them in ways equally as inhumane as those once used upon people.


This is what a healthy Galgo should look like:

I am not going to go into graphic detail here. Many people would rather not know, and I hate having vile, sickening images popping up unexpectedly, unavoidably. For those interested in knowing more about the treatment of the Galgos, and their smaller companions the Podencos, you could visit and learn about the fate of the dogs, and the efforts of those fighting to defend them in the face of a Spanish government who seem to be doing fuck-very-little to stop the practices of their hunters.

One of the organisations working in the front line, in Spain, rescuing, caring for and rehoming the dogs is called Scooby Medina. They are currently caring for more than 500. Like most of us they are feeling the effects of the economic climate, and their situation is critical. Without financial assistance, without people adopting the dogs, they will fold by the end of the year.

We can’t all help financially, we can’t all offer a home, but we can, all of us, spread the word amongst our friends, worldwide to raise support and assistance for Scooby Medina, fighting the battle of good versus evil. And to let people know what happens in that country of sangria, sunshine, sombreros, the Alhambra.  All those glorious tourist attractions.

Killing in the name of God

The Spanish Spider

The Spanish Tickler – no, it is not a condom wearing a sombrero.


9 thoughts on “The Spanish Inquisition is alive and well

  1. Man’s cruelty to his fellow man seems to be eclipsed only by his cruelty to animals. How do you get these people to understand that what they are doing is unacceptable?

    • Jon, at the risk of offending and outraging people, I’m an advocate of letting the punishment fit the crime, and an eye for an eye etc. etc.. And I would rejoice if the sub-humans who ill-treat others and animals were to be placed upon the Judas chair and enthusiastically forced down upon it. In fact, I’d be happy to help. Possibly, after a few examples had been set, it might focus the attention of the rest? I really don’t believe that people who are inherently cruel, who have cruelty bred into them, are ever going to understand that it is cowardly and unacceptable unless they find themselves on the receiving end.

  2. Thanks for this enlightening article, Merewoman.

    Am I right in saying that bullfighting is banned in most parts of Spain? That’s another “sport” that I find sickening in the extreme.

    • Apologies for the length of time it has taken me to respond, JW. That’s due to disconnecting us from the Internet for 18 days. I don’t know where in Spain this barbaric activity is still carried out, but I don’t think it’s that rare, yet. How much more of an exciting spectator sport it would be if it was just man vs. bull – the man sporting a large pair of horns, and nothing else. I could watch that.

  3. Killing in the name of God? May G-d damn the people who do this to animals. I know I should not say this (maybe) but I still do and mean it for 100%, EVEN if it offends and outrages some.
    Let’s keep fighting, people. Animals are our best and most honest friends.
    PS May I add the Circus to the long list of cruelties? Most of them treat the animals well, true … but what the h*ll is a tiger doing in a cage, why isn’t that seal swimming in the sea where they took him from, what’s that poor monkey doing, all dressed up and looking like a fool?

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  5. merewoman and ruth deborah

    I’m sorry, but you are as sickening human beings as those who commit such cruel acts. How can you make a sadistic understand the despicable pain when you make them undergo????? What is you religion by the way??? Are you even Christians????? DO YOU HAVE A HUMAN SOUL???? Answer me, you cowardly, vindictive brats, animals yourselves, would you be better if you commited exactly the same acts????? How are you a righteous person when you submit to vengeful thoughts, lose your common sense and in the name of justice, rejoice in suffering of human beings. WHERE THE HELL IS THE JUSTICE HERE???????? would you be pleased if someone put you on Judas chair?? if not, then why on Earth would you want to inflict pain on others, do what you wouldn’t want to experience.

    Shame on you, cursed you be with your primitive eye for an eye barbaric principle. With people like you, there’s no point to argue the abhorence of this outdated practice. That’s the mentality we instill in our children, it’s reflected in fairy tales, evil sorceresses ashould be burned, skinned alive etc etc etc, and still, we consider ourselves as “civilized” beings, and good parents.


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