A deadly mistake

Yesterday I noticed a poster advertising a new paintball site quite local to us

We used to be great paintball enthusiasts, so I took a closer look and whoa!

What’s this? On the right hand side are suggestions for suitable events to celebrate.

Anniversaires – birthdays.

Enterrements – burials. Burials? Burials? Yikes, when did we start celebrating burials? Just buried poor old Auntie Philodendron – I know, let’s go and play paintball to cheer ourselves up. Shock horror!

I regard my knowledge of French as moderate to good; certainly far from fluent, though. Which explains the misconception, due partly to my ignorance, and partly to a possible flaw in the poster design.

Enterrements belongs to the line below – “vie de garรงon“. Literally “burying of boyhood,” the slightly ominous French phrase for a stag do, or bachelor party. ย ๐Ÿ™‚



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11 thoughts on “A deadly mistake

  1. Way to go, perhaps. It may even set a trend for new style funerals. We could organise ice skating funeral parties, pony trekking wakes, even tupperware parties if that’s your thing to emphasise our goodbyes to loved ones. All to the ever popular anthem ‘We all kick the bucket in the end…’

  2. God – can you imagine it? Grannies, great aunts and all those strange cousins all fighting away at grandpa’s last outing, the corpse propped up against a tree, perhaps, covered from head to toe in lurid, green, paint.

    • Hi Jon

      How nice to see you back again. I’ve been a bit entangled over recent weeks and haven’t ventured far out into the world of fellow bloggers, so am pleased to see that your blog is getting busy once more, it’s always an entertaining read.

      Yes, the possibilities of the paintball enterrements are limitless. Hadn’t occurred to me that one could use the deceased as a target, but then again, why not? Where’s the harm in it? ๐Ÿ˜€

      • None that I can see. As long as I’m hosed down before being put in the box (I have stipulated burial as I believe it to be far more environmentally friendly than cremation in a nation with no particular shortage of land) my immortal soul will bear no grudges and I won’t come back to haunt them. Not for that, anyway.

      • As a corpse, would you have any objections to the use of live ammunition? You know how the French love their shotguns. I’m sure you’d be very fondly remembered over a few petites rouges in the bar. ๐Ÿ™‚

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