If you want to survive, you’d better be beautiful

Just to underline the importance of good looks, look no further than the French animal welfare site ACTU Animaux.

They raise funds to help small animal sanctuaries care for victims of neglect, abuse or plain bad luck, and in some cases to rescue animals on death row – in imminent danger of destruction. The site is supported by advertisers who donate a few cents for every click made.

There are usually 14 featured animals, ranging from cats, dogs and horses to birds, each with its own page including a photograph, its history, and a box showing the number of clicks needed to attain the amount required for its survival and well-being. It’s all in French, but if you put a Google translate button on your toolbar, it only takes a moment to translate into English.

Each featured animal qualifies for 5 “clicks” per day per person. You can click for all of them, some of them, or just one of them. Clicking costs you nothing, nothing at all except a few seconds of your time, a few muscle movements of your hand and a little love in your heart.

The Click Chicks on Facebook is an open group of friendly, fun clickers who welcome new members who care about animal welfare and enjoy the company of others similarly inclined.

Now, getting back to looks.

A pretty Maine Coon kitten arrived on the site yesterday. Today she has almost reached her target, i.e. she has attained all the clicks needed.


On the other hand, pitiful Cosette, a mare used for breeding until she was worn out and consequently abandoned is only moving ahead very slowly and is still far from being saved.


Zouki, a young dog whose owner slashed it with a machete, slicing out one eye, is moving slowly, too.


Which shows, it seems, that how well you do depends on how cute you look. Young and cuddly is best. Old, disfigured, bony, defeated isn’t good.

Frightening thought for us all, isn’t it?


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3 thoughts on “If you want to survive, you’d better be beautiful

  1. So very sad, isn’t it? The very ones who have been the most abused by humans are the ones least likely to attract help.
    Thanks for drawing this to attention.

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