Red carpet, red socks

An article in the Daily Mail, plugging the “Bootight” zoomed me back in time to 1979, when Apocalypse Now was premiering in Leicester Square.

I was wearing a stunning designer suit – £20 from Oxfam in Marylebone High Street, and an exquisite pair of knee-high, maroon leather stilleto-heeled boots that had cost a small fortune from Russell and Bromley. I always buy boots half a size larger than my size 5 foot, and wear socks under them.

On this particular occasion, the socks in question were bright red and fluffy, knee-length. The boots slipped over them perfectly.

The cinema was quite warm, and the film was long. My feet started getting very  hot, so I removed the boots.

When the film ended, my feet were three sizes larger than they had been at the beginning. They would not fit in the boots. No way at all.

Among the throng leaving the cinema was a woman in a stunning designer suit, with an exquisite pair of knee-high maroon leather boots swinging nonchalantly from one hand as she padded along the streets of London in knee-high red fluffy socks.

Bootights – you are over 30 years too late.

Next time: the skirt tucked into the knickers incident. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Red carpet, red socks

  1. How’s this one:
    New York, crowded 5th Avenue, wearing an absolutely gorgeous De Givenchy (still into haute couture at the time) … and then … the elastic in my underskirt snapped and the underskirt very elegantly lowered itself to my feet.
    What did I do? I stepped out of it, acting as if this was very normal. Don’t ask how I felt, though.

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