Mon dieu, comme il est beau!

I was referring to Garou, but in fact all three of them are drop-dead gorgeous, do you not think? And what a beautiful, beautiful song.


6 thoughts on “Mon dieu, comme il est beau!

  1. I would’nt know if they were tenors or not , but they are certainly worth €10 of anybody’s money. No wonder you were bushy-tailed on your last post!

    • Great chemistry between the three of them. They all seem like genuinely happy and decent people. And all with exquisite voices, although all different they go so well together.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and extremely talented and professional … Garou, that is.
    OK, so are Daniel Lavoine (ever hear him sing jazz?) and Patric Fiori, but Garou … he tickles me olde ‘ormones, lemme tell you.

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