The wisdom of Jack Reacher

Oh how I love the Jack Reacher novels. He’s the man!

Here are two pearls from the book I’m currently relishing:

“By definition, all suicide bombers are first-timers.”

“I like rats. They don’t bite sleeping babies’ faces for the fun of it. They’re tempted by traces of food, that’s all. Wash your kid’s mouth before you put it to bed and it’ll be OK.”

However,  I dumbfounded to learn that Tom Cruise is to play Reacher in a forthcoming film. FFS – Reacher is 6 ft. 5 inches tall and weighs somewhere near 250 lbs. It’s like hiring Tom Thumb to play the giant. 😦

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3 thoughts on “The wisdom of Jack Reacher

  1. oh you have to be joking, Tom Cruise no way, he’s a pipsqueak and not the best actor in the world. I waited 20 years for War of the Worlds to come out and he played the lead – load of crap..surely they must rethink this stupid choice.

  2. Size is’nt everything. Wasn’t it Alan Ladd who used to stand on a box while the ‘love interest’ stood in a trench? Audey Murphy was a real decorated soldier in WWII and a bit on the short side. However, acting skills are required and Tom Cruise would still need an F14 Tomcat jet plane wrapped around him to measure up to our favourite heroes

  3. So we are all agreed that Tom Thumb is last actor we would have voted for to play the role? Not only is he far too physically underwhelming, he’s also too pretty. Jack isn’t tiny, and he isn’t pretty.

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