Tell me why I don’t like sushi

I had a horrible dream.  Somebody for whom we had done a favour was taking us out for what they promised would be the dining experience of our lives. We were to wear full evening dress (that was a bit of a problem in the dream because there was nothing in the wardrobe except empty cardboard boxes), but I managed to make a striking garment from a Persian rug (that might have come about from recently reading an incident in “A Fairly Honourable Defeat” by Iris Murdoch.)

Then we were collected in a fleet of limousines – why a fleet for just the two of us? A man in a toga served us gin and tonic in the back of our limousine (he could stand up and walk around in it.)

After a lengthy journey through parts of New York and North Africa, we arrived at a palatial building where our friend was waiting to greet us. On either side of the marble stairs were bare-chested black men waving palm fronds. It all got a bit muddled at that point, as dreams so often do, and we ended up on an ocean liner, sitting down to dine. A Russian group were strolling around the room playing zithers. My Persian rug had transformed itself into a flowing gold Lurex gown. The crystal and silver gleamed. Our plates were octagonal and made of glass. Then the food arrived.


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I cannot think of any cuisine that I don’t like. Except Japanese. I simply loathe it. It looks beautiful, but I just don’t get the slimy rice, the seaweed, and the raw fish. I’ve tried it enough times to know now that the only thing I will ever like about it is wasabi.

Thankfully I woke up before we had to eat – something to do with a train crashing into the ship.

So, tell me why I don’t like sushi when it’s so popular? What is it that’s nice about it apart from the appearance?

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2 thoughts on “Tell me why I don’t like sushi

  1. For me, it’s pretty much a fashion food. My sister admits she doesn’t really like it, but she eats it because all her friends do. I’m not crazy about it either, if we go to a japanese restaurant, I order something else. All while people look at me like a pariah and say “You’re not getting sushi…?”

  2. Yes! You’ve hit the nail squarely on its head. That must be the reason. I cannot believe anybody truly likes eating it. Admittedly it looks elegant and appetizing, but I find the taste and texture quite repulsive. Thank you for leaving a comment.

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