Reading matters

Just finished reading The Assignment by Friedrich Durrenmatt which it took quite a while to get into due to the very long sentences but once I did, the compelling narrative kept me intrigued to the point where I no longer noticed the strange writing style and became immersed in the fate of the main character, F, a woman charged with investigating the rape and murder somewhere in North Africa of the wife of a psychiatrist who feels guilty, and there is a recurring red fur coat, there’s quite a bit of philosophising too, and all in all it was an interesting read, pretty violent and grisly in parts, and it’s not very long, well, the sentences are but the book isn’t and now I am well into Iris Murdoch‘s “A Fairly Honourable Defeat” which is riveting and then a book I ordered last week called “A Very Long Engagement” by Sebastien Japrisot has just arrived (at the same time as some shoes I recently ordered from Ebay, black 3″ courts, very nice although they will need a bit of stretching because I so seldom wear proper shoes these days, it’s all sandals or wellies, but that’s no problem because we have a tin of leather stretcher in the cupboard and I spray the shoes with that and then put on a pair of socks and force my feet into the shoes and wear them for as long as I can and then take them off and repeat the process next day until they are comfortable) although I do think it’s a shame A Very Long Engagement isn’t available for the Kindle because it’s so much handier than a paperback and the spines don’t break and pages don’t fall out, still it only cost 1p so I shouldn’t and won’t complain and I shall start reading that when I’ve finished with Iris unless I change my mind, which is a woman’s prerogative, and decide instead to read one of the Lee Child thrillers lined up on the Kindle, but you never know, with 142 digital books on the machine, and half a dozen tree books next to the bed, I may decide to read something entirely different; it will just depend on how I feel.

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