Au revoir, little black cat

You have been part of our family for longer than we can remember. We thought you would live forever.

We shall miss you very, very much, brave, funny little black cat with the huge personality and heart of a lion.





12 thoughts on “Au revoir, little black cat

  1. Oh I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry…nothing so hard. Sending lots of hugs and love, and a paw circle formed here too…

  2. I am so sorry about Louis. I felt priviledged to have spent a fortnight of quality time getting to know him. He was a true champion !!
    My condolences , warm thoughts and lots of good energy are coming your way.XX

  3. Thanks, Jo. Yes, so hard. The reason why we are not replacing any of our furry and feathered pets when they move on – can’t take the pain any more. 😦 Two horses, one goat, seven dogs, three cats, countless chickens, turkeys, geese since we came here. Enough is enough.

  4. So very, very sorry for your loss, Suzie. Know how you must be feeling, having gone through it so many times and yet … you don’t ‘replace’, you just adopt a new friend. Living without furry friends? I don’t think you could. I couldn’t, for sure.
    Bon courage + gros bisou,
    Ruth Deborah

  5. Thank you, Deborah. No, we definitely won’t be having any more when our current flock are gone. Hopefully Rafiki, our parrot, will last us out, but as the others get older and leave us, we’ll “borrow” our friends’ pets from time to time, without getting too attached to them. Really have reached saturation point now.

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