Now in the 5th week of the Dukan diet, and so far I’ve lost 12 lbs. I’ve not stuck to it religiously – that’s impossible if you eat out fairly frequently, and entertain as we do. I’ve had regular “naughty” days, but for most of the time I’ve followed the rules.

Despite being a vegetarian, I’ve found it’s not difficult to follow. We do occasionally eat fish, and get most of our protein from eggs, tofu and the wonderful Quorn. I feel healthy and fit, and never hungry. That’s the key to keeping to the diet – no unrequited hunger pangs.

I’ve learned to drink far more liquid than I used to, and to limit the amount of sugar and fat in my diet, as well as the quantity of bread/pasta/potatoes that I eat, without cutting them out completely. And by doing so I am losing weight steadily at about 2 lbs. a week and not experiencing any cravings. I am aware that the diet comes in for a great deal of criticism, but it’s working for me with my “adapted” version.

But what disturbs me is the constant thought that while in the Western world obesity is a major problem, and we fight to eat less, there are parts of the world where people people die because they don’t have enough to eat.

It all seems crazy.


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