A pocket full of knickers

Today is a “strategic dressing” day, as I try to pack sufficient clothing plus assorted essentials for a week in the UK into the minuscule cabin bag permitted by Ryanair. If you see a woman in a bright red coat who seems to be wearing a fully-inflated life-jacket underneath, and a hula hoop, that’ll be me. ūüėÄ

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Strange word


M√§dchen, meaning “girl” in German, is a word that mystifies me, because it’s neuter. Why would that be? Why not feminine? It’s¬†one reason that makes me think I could never master the German language. I find it difficult enough getting to grips with masculine and feminine words in French and Italian.

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Paperback writer

My latest book, The Valley of Heaven and Hell, has been selling very well in Kindle format on Amazon.co.uk.

In answer to many requests for a “proper” book :), it is now also available in paperback from blackbirdebooks.com¬†and from Amazon.co.uk.

Buy from blackbirdebooks

Buy from Amazon.co.uk

I’ll be doing signings over the next few months in and around my local area, so please watch this blog for details, or follow me on Facebook – see link in right sidebar.

And thank you so much to all those people who have already bought copies, both Kindle and paperback, for their kind comments left, and for helping me to support Tower Hill Stables Sanctuary and Cancer Research. I have just received my first royalty payment, and will be sending donations to both charities.

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The love is fading

What’s happened? F1 motor racing has been a passion for 20 years, but recently I haven’t enjoyed it.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how the FIA has been very calm under Jean Todt, who replaced my b√™te noire.

Maybe it’s the domination of one team, which never makes for an exciting race, or maybe it’s the hysterical squealing, yelping and foot-tapping from Red Bull that I find so irritating, but whatever it is, for the first time ever, I shan’t be bothering to watch until the outcome becomes less predictable. Hopefully other teams will start to challenge for wins soon and bring some thrills back and I’ll find the passion again. In the meantime I think I’d prefer to read a good book.

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What’s it all about? The super-injunctions that are back-firing so badly upon their out-takers.

Seems to me that taking out one of these is a magnet to attract attention; the people concerned will be ferreted out sooner or later, and unless that is their real purpose, it’s a complete waste of money.

As the identities of several of ¬†those¬†“celebrity”¬†super-injunction-out-takers are revealed, ¬†I’ve either never heard of them, or have no interest in their private peccadilloes. ¬†If they hadn’t taken the thing out, I’d still be none the wiser.

What a bore!

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The bottom line

I wonder if anybody else has this particular problem?

It’s about the last line in a chapter, when you know that it’s going to reveal something dramatic. I always find that I have to struggle not to see it before I have read the preceding few paragraphs. I want to savour the anticipation, but that final line seems to draw my eyes inexorably to it, as it screams out “Look!”

It’s the same whether reading a tree-book or on a Kindle. So I always cover it with my hand, or a piece of paper.

Do you?

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