Christmas crisis

I was certain that Christmas was on Saturday.  So laying in bed, wearing an angora back warmer, merino vest, thick nightie, merino socks, topped off with a thick duvet and faux-fur throw, and  surrounded by cough mixture, paracetamol, sore throat tablets, jars of honey, cups of Lemsip and hot chocolate, I was confident that by tomorrow I’d be well enough to go shopping.

Then I switched on the computer, and the date said 24th December.

Oh dear.

Wednesday WOrd


The word above means: “the club for subordinate officials of the head office management of the Danube steamboat electrical services” (name of a pre-war club in Vienna). It is rarely used.

Please keep it in a safe place. I can only let you have the one copy. There should not be a hyphen, but it will not fit on one line. Please do not ask me how to pronounce it.

Christmas cards

Aren’t they irritating, the way they fall down every time a door opens or closes?

If you buy a mixed box, where are there always some that are really naff? The kind that Doris Brazil sends to people she doesn’t like. What if there aren’t any people you don’t like? Who do you send the naff cards to?

And what about those “charity” cards? I once telephoned the WWF and asked if they could let me know exactly how much of the cost of the card actually went to the world’s wildlife, and they were very rude and refused to give me any information, which is why I’ve never bought any of their cards since. I’d sooner spend the money on wild bird seed, or give a beggar a few euros, then at least I know it’s doing some good where needed and not funding plush offices and expensive cars.

We stopped sending paper cards a few years back, and instead use the money we would have spent to support Towerhill Stables, the ASAP (French Parrot Rescue) and  KIVA. Our friends all receive e-cards, or a phone call if they are among the tiny minority who don’t have a computer.

A few weeks ago I was sent details of a service called NoPostie, which has a range of amusing and clever musical, animated digital cards for all occasions. It’s only £9.99 a year to send as many cards as you like. And currently they are offering a discount of £3 to subscribers using the promotional code “NP1”. There’s whimsical, there’s cute, and there’s Violent Vegetables including the Conference Pears and the Alley Carrots.   For a free trial, and to see the full range (my favourites are the Mincing Pies and Peachy Bottom) check it out here: NoPostie free trial

And don’t forget, if you decide to subscribe, to enter the promotional code NP1, to give you a 30% discount.