Champagne charity

If you like a glass of bubbly, here’s an opportunity to acquire a set of very unusual and really classy glasses.

Designed by Anne Nilsson for Orrefors,  these fine Swedish crystal champagne glasses are collectors’ items. Each is a different design, and signed by Anne Nilsson. They are currently retailing for $187 a pair, but here is an opportunity to bag them for a bargain price on Ebay. These rare glasses are being sold to raise money for charity.

Clown champage glasses charity auction

Orrefors Swedish crystal champagne flutes

Orrefors Swedish crystal champagne flutes

The auction ends 4th February, so there is plenty of time to buy them as a fabulous gift for Valentine’s day.

Act against this barbarism

The repulsive Mexican child who slaughtered six young bulls this weekend is claiming a world record. It would please this sadistic and self-important little person (a prime advertisement for the benefits of abortion)  to have this “achievement” published in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Records are made to be broken, so should he succeed in his aim, then we are going to see hordes of ever-younger children striving to out-do him. Can you imagine how many animals will suffer the most appalling torment while these children learn their “art”?  The boy in question claims to have been killing calves and bulls since he was four years old. Just how skilfully can a 4-year-old child use a sword on an animal? How long does the animal have to endure its torture for the entertainment of a toddler?

If the Guinness Book of World Records does publish this horrible activity then they will be complicit in endorsing and encouraging it. Please contact them and urge them not to do so.

Guinness World Records Limited
184-192 Drummond Street
3rd Floor
London NW1 3HP
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 207 891 4567

Or contact them by email  Guinness email contact

It just isn’t good enough

The travel/history manuscript of book No. 4 is sitting with my agent, and weighing on my conscience.

Each of the three publishers to whom it has been submitted has been initially enthusiastic, and enjoyed the sample chapters sufficiently to ask to see the entire manuscript. So far, so good. But after reading the whole thing, they have each expressed disappointment that the middle section did not live up to their expectations, which has made me feel quite guilty.

“Engaging, fascinating, lovely, charming,” are some of the adjectives applied by those editors who have read the thing, which is an account of a 500-mile cycle ride by TOH and myself from Versailles, through Paris, along the Marne valley as far as Châlons, then up to Reims and back through the Marne valley to Paris. This happens, by coincidence, to be the route taken by Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette during their attempt to escape from the Revolution, so I have tried to weave their story into our journey.

But the problem is that while the beginning and end seem to hit the right spot, the editors are looking for more history in the middle section. During our trip I collected all the information I could from local tourist offices regarding the towns and villages we visited, and have researched as much as I can on the web and in my own reference books, so I feel that I have incorporated into the manuscript pretty much everything there is to know about the area’s history, and it’s almost entirely warfare, which I have covered in reasonable depth while not wanting to overload and unbalance the manuscript with endless tales of battles.

So next week I shall visit our excellent Médiathèque in Poitiers to see if I can find some more diverse material about the Marne region. I hope it will be more fruitful than the forum I searched earlier today, which had a section entitled: “History of the Marne region in France.”  There was not a single entry. 😯


I don’t know which makes me feel more disgusted – the BBC’s refusal to transmit the appeal for humanitarian aid for Gaza, or the story of the 11-year-old Mexican sadist whose ambition is to kill six bulls this weekend.