The generation game!

Going through the old packet of family papers and photos, I found another surprise. A ragged piece that had been cut out (it looked as if it had been done with a knife and fork!) from an old sepia photograph. It shows my great-grandfather with his mother – which means I now have photographs of seven generations of our family! Not of interest to anybody but us, of course, but here we all are:

Annie Sophia Parry (neé Billing), with her son, Sidney Herbert Parry (photo taken about 1890)

Grandmother and father of:

Florence Elsie Parry, aged 14, Covent Garden opera of Hansel and Gretel

who was the mother of:

Florence Rosalind Kelly

who was the mother of:

Me, who is the mother of

Julie, my daughter, at 17

who is the mother of:    

Catherine, 17


Rob, my son, at 16

who is the father of:

Jamie (at 16), Jasmine and Leoni

which makes Annie Sophia Parry, at the top, the great-great-great-great-grandmother of Catherine, Jamie, Jasmine and Leoni.


3 thoughts on “The generation game!

  1. That is really neat. Hang on to those (I’m sure you will) and pass them down.

    I have a “five generation picture” of my daughter, myself, my mother, my grandmother and my great grandmother” taken when my daughter was born. Since then my great grandmother has passed, but it was neat having all five generations standing next to each other.l

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