Urgent Help needed for Galgos in Andalucia

April and Paul CarrierThe following letter has been received from April and Paul Carrier, right, at the Alpha Dog Centre:

“We have worked for 8 years rehabilitating and preparing small groups of 10 to 20 Spanish Galgos for adoption. We have been spared the reality of the desperate day-to-day struggle undergone by dedicated and caring individuals like Saskia and Juan the veterianarian, who spend the bulk of their lives working to help abandoned Galgos and many other dogs of all shapes and sizes at their shelter.

They are on the ‘front line’, seeing and experiencing the abandonment of galgos and other dogs on a scale hard to imagine.

This morning Paul went to visit their shelter, Acogida de San Anton in Villamartin, Andalucia, to collect another galga. He found Saskia and Juan sad and beginning to lose hope – they currently have in their care around 70 Galgos, and 125 other dogs.

Every day on average another 10 dogs are brought or left tied to their gate. That’s in the region of 70 dogs a week.

They can no longer cope with the numbers of dogs, and find themselves in a terrible situation – they must euthanise any and all newcomers, healthy or not, young or old, pure breed or mixed breed.

For Saskia and Juan, what would normally be an act of mercy has become an every day occurrence…. they simply do not have the resources to take any more dogs, not even one. This is a heartbreaking situation.

The shelter has become so overcrowded that the dogs are fighting with each other. They can barely afford to feed all these dogs, they need more veterinary medicines to cope with the enormous number of dogs they are trying to help.

They need help finding homes and foster families to begin reducing the huge number of galgos and other dogs.

Any publicity, cash donations, any help at all that can be given, let’s get it done.

Please forward this message to any individual or association who might be able to make a difference to the dogs at Acogida de San Anton, especially with adoption help.

Saskia can be emailed in English, Spanish or Dutch:
Their website (in Dutch):
You can donate direct via this website.

Very Best Wishes from the ever Hopeful
April & Paul Carrier
Alpha Dog Centre
Cadiz, Andalucia”

Max Mosley nasty Nazi party (2)

Golly! All the papers are talking about it! Has he denied it yet? If not, why not? I wonder if it’s true? 😯

I can hardly believe it, because I always thought he was such a stickler for decency and honesty. If he was playing Kamp Kommandant, whipping hookers and having his botty beaten until it bled, I wonder if he’ll own up?

His glove puppet friend Bernie doesn’t think it matters anyway, even if it’s true. And he says that Max making fun of Jewish concentration camp victims would just be down to his sense of humour. That’s OK then. 😉

Max Mosley nasty Nazi party?

The News of the World features a front-page spread regarding the apparent antics of Max Mosley. They claim he indulged in a five-hour orgy of sex and sado-masochism involving five ladies, sore bottoms, and some Nazi costumes. Here’s the sordid article: Max Mosley in Nazi orgy.

I find it very difficult to believe for a moment that this muppet’s arrogant, holier-than-thou, nose-in-the-air facade could conceal such deviant and stomach-turning proclivities. I wait with interest to see him prosecute The News of the World. Which he surely will and must do to clear his noble name

Unless of course the tapes are genuine.

Pregnant man

A married transgender man from Oregon claims to be five months pregnant. Full article here.

He seems to be pretty pleased about it.

One phrase leapt into my mind when I read the article and contemplated how he’d be feeling in another four months: It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle ………” 

Men’s undies

From the BBC News:

“A 58-year-old man who fed pigeons wearing only a skimpy thong which was back to front has been fined £150.”

What on earth were pigeons doing wearing thongs?

Oh no, now I see what they were trying to say. It was the man who was wearing it. And after all, he was only feeding pigeons. You could get a lesser fine for killing them. Totally unreasonable.

As to whether it was back to front, with some crack slicers it’s not that easy to tell, so I would recommend something like this for those men who are not quite sure which way to wear it:

How silly would that look back-to-front?

“Experts” make me cross!

Before I buy anything technical, I like to read as many reviews as possible to reassure myself I am buying something worth the money. And after I’ve bought it, I trawl the web looking for more reviews to confirm what a wise and clever choice I made. It’s a bit sad, I know. I trust reviewers from respected websites to know what they’re talking about, but two recent incidents have raised questions about their reliability.

The first concerns Walter Mossberg, eminent high-technobod and pleasant-looking chap who writes for the Wall Street Journal and who ought to know what he’s talking about. In his review of an Asus EEE, he stated at least four inaccuracies: he said it didn’t automatically reconnect to a known wifi network; wasn’t possible to add or remove software; couldn’t recognise his digital camera; could only handle web-based email. (That’s all baloney, Walter. I don’t think you did your homework properly, and if you are going to review something, you really should make sure you know all the facts.) He accused the included software of being crude (Openoffice crude?) 😯 . He didn’t like the small size of the EEE. Mr Mossberg, that’s the whole point of it! He did give it a few grudging brownie points, but you felt that he did so through gritted teeth. In fact if I’d only read Mr Mossberg’s review it’s pretty unlikely I’d have ever bought Edith and would never have succumbed to her endless charms.

The second instance of expert credibility concerns my Canon Powershot S3. It’s quite a sophisticated camera, more sophisticated than I need as I tend to use “Auto” or “P” settings most of the time. Still, having paid for all the bells and whistles, I feel I should understand how to use them. And so it came to pass that I read in a review on one website a reference to changing the EV. Now to be absolutely truthful, I haven’t ever thought about changing the EV, because I don’t know what difference it would make to my shot. As I said, I’m basically a point-and-shoot person; but nevertheless I wanted to at least see what the EV settings looked like. The reviewer stated that “there is no EV button, but one press of the Menu button brings it up.” So I pressed Menu, which brought up the menu, sure enough, but nowhere within the many setting and options was there any reference to the EV. It didn’t make any difference how many times I pressed Menu. I wondered if there was a fault with my camera. Why didn’t the EV show up like the man said it should?

Just for fun, I pressed another button which is called “Function”. And bingo! there was EV. Now, although both Menu and Function buttons present numerous choices, so could both be referred to as menu buttons, Menu and Function are not the same. So the reviewer either hadn’t actually tried out the function himself, or was careless in writing his review. Either way, he caused me half an hour of frustration and quite unnecessary anxiety. 😦

The moral of this rambling rant is not to place very much reliance on even the most apparently qualified advice. Get a whole load of opinions before making up your mind.