The two that got away

There was a newspaper report a couple of days ago claiming that firemen dealing with the floods in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire had said that dogs from a local kennel should be let out and left to fend for themselves as they didn’t have time to worry about them.

Of course all those involved in the current disaster are stretched to their limits; however, if the statement was true (and we know that not everything reported in the news is), it would certainly offend and upset many animal lovers.

I think of myself as a compassionate and caring person, and apart from feeling great distress when I see human suffering, I support charities caring for humankind as far as I am able. But in my heart it is always the animals involved that I worry most about. This is not something that I can control. I don’t consciously decide “I’ll be more affected by the suffering of animals than people”; it’s just the way it is with me.

So I was cheered up by two reports on the BBC website about the rescue of two goldfish – one by a firefighting crew armed with a bucket, and the second by Will Temperley, who went to the trouble of corralling the fish with sandbags so he could catch it in a colander and keep in safe until he finds the owner. Isn’t it heartening that under the circumstances there are people who care enough about the lives of two small fish?


Do you ever think what a miracle language is? Ever wonder how, from the primitive grunts and groans and gurgles of our distant ancestors, mankind developed words, which had meanings that other people could understand and learn? Who decided, and how, what word would convey which meaning? And how it wasn’t just one language, but many hundreds. How, and why did all those different languages evolve into what they are now? Does anybody know of a book on this subject? If so, I’d like to know about it.

Will you still love me, will you still feed me?

During the last week, Fiona Oakes at Tower Hill Stables (see link under “Animal Welfare”) has taken in three cats to save them from a death sentence. The owners of one of them had moved into sheltered housing where they could not take their pet, but the other two had reached their “sell-by” date and their owners no longer wished to care for them. Instead they asked the vet to, as Fiona puts it “kill them”. While I’m entirely in favour of euthanasia for animals (and humans, incidentally) who are incurably ill and suffering, there was nothing wrong with the two cats except their old age.

It makes me hope, for the sake of the people who can’t be bothered with elderly creatures, that their offspring haven’t inherited their uncaring genes. Otherwise, when Mum and Dad begin to totter and dribble, maybe their kids will kill them.


Why “No Damn Blog”? Because I’m too busy with work and life, to make regular entries on a blog. However, I’m going to try and post when and if anything motivates me sufficiently. It probably – or prolly, as they say now – won’t be very often, but you never know.

Actually, when I think about it, perhaps it’s not busy-ness; it could be laziness.